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                            Quarterly CTC Grampian Newsletter, courtesy of Gerard

                                                        The "Original" Cycle Clips:

 CYCLE CLIPs jan18.pdf

Cycle Clips Oct 17.pdf

CYCLE CLIPS July 2017.docx  
CYCLE CLIPS April 2017.pdf
CYCLE CLIPS January2017.pdf 
Cycle Clips October 2016.pdf 
Cycle Clips July 2016.pdf 
Cycle Clips April 2016.pdf 
Cycle Clips January 2016.pdf 
Cycle Clips October 2015.pdf 
Cycle Clips July 2015.pdf 
  Cycle Clips April 2015.pdf
 Cycle Clips January 2015.pdf

 Cycle Clips October 2014.pdf

 Cycle Clips July 2014.pdf

Cycle Clips April 2014.pdf 

 Cycle Clips January 2014.pdf