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CTC Grampian Special Events Policy

CTC Grampian organises special events on an ad hoc basis. Such events may involve car sharing and/or advance booking of other forms of transport, accommodation and meals.


For car sharing (eg car assisted day rides, weekends away) individuals accepting a lift are requested to pay an amount equivalent to 10 pence per mile to the organiser. The money collected to be divided between the drivers.


For other advance costs the organiser may request the full cost from individual participants ahead of the event (and participation will only be confirmed on receipt of the money). It will be at the discretion of the organiser as to whether any refund is possible if an individual is subsequently unable to attend the event. The policy is to ensure that the organiser does not incur a financial loss. Individuals will also be asked to respect and adhere to the organiser’s plans for the event.


CTC Grampian Committee, September 2013